12-Day Serengeti Fly-out Safari

Crane, Luxury Safari, Tanzania

The 6 days Safari will give you a Glimpse of Tanzania’s wildlife abundance, it is a wildlife adventure that will leave you amused about the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Embalakai Authentic Camp

Embalakai Authentic Camp

Experience the sights, sounds, and smells of Tanzania’s most stunning national parks and conservation areas during your stay at Embalakai Authentic Camps.

Heritage Camps and Lodge

This is a high-end, small bush camp in the heart of the Serengeti National Park that aims to provide visitors with a real wild experience.

Kananga Tented Camp

Kananga special tented, Serengeti

Kananga Special Tented Camp is a very comfortable and reasonably priced tented camp at Seronera, in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. Hidden in

Acacia Central Tented Camp

acacia central serengeti camp

Acacia Central Camp, as the name suggests, is situated in the central part of Serengeti which is fondly called Seronera. This is a very scenic

Osinoni Tented Camp

Osinon Lounge

Just a few miles drive from Seronera airstrip in the heart of Serengeti National Park, there lies a true wilderness retreat in the name of

Osupuko Camp

Osupuko Camps

Osupuko Lodges & Camps Owners and their Associates welcome you to the beautiful land of Tanzania; the land of strong unity, peace, love, wildlife, and

Koni Tiki Camp

kon-tiki serengeti camp

Our greatest pleasure is to give our guests a genuine safari overnight experience – comfortable accommodation tents in the middle of the wilderness – being

Tukaone Serengeti Camp

Tukaone Camp, Sunset

Tukaone Serengeti Camp is a private safari camp perfectly located at the heart of Central Serengeti with a perfect view of Hembe Hills overlooking the

Paradise & Wilderness Camp

Africa Safari Serengeti-Ikoma

Africa Safari Serengeti Ikoma is a comfortable safari accommodation situated within the Serengeti Ecosystem and just 300 meters from the National Park border. Located between

Angani Mobile Camp

Angani Mobile Camp

Serengeti Angani Camp is a private camp strategically located in the heart of Serengeti (Seronera area). It has 8 spacious tents with private bathrooms and

3-Day Serengeti National Park Safari

Hipo, Serengeti, Safari

In only 3 days, this itinerary gives you chance to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration. Serengeti National Park will give you a clear picture of the wildlife abundance in the Great Serengeti.

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