Tarangire National Park


The Park was first established as a game reserve in 1957 and thirteen years later became a national park in 1970. The name of the park is derived from the Tarangire river which crosses the park. The river is the main source of fresh water for wildlife in the park ecosystem. During the annual dry season, the river experiences a huge concentration of wild animals coming to get water from this streamed water body. It is also the best time for game-viewing and to witness the massive number of predators in the park.


The climate in Tarangire is temperate and pleasant. The wet seasons are from March to May. During this period the park experiences heavy rain-falls. The dry season is experienced from June to earlier October.  However, from November to December the park experiences few rainfalls. It usually rains in the afternoon or during the night; it is very rare to experience rain the whole day.

The hottest months are from January to March and from October to December. During these periods the park experiences high temperatures. The coldest months are from April to September when the temperature is not too high.

The days are never too hot, while the evening and mornings are cooler. Therefore, during this period, warm clothes are also recommended for sunrise game drive safaris.

The vegetation in the park is a mixture of acacia woodland, other woods, and baobab trees; the vegetation is much greener during the rainy season. There is also lots of Elephant grass, breathtaking views of the African savannah grassland, and …

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Tanzania Safari Cost

Glimpse of Tanzania Safaris believes in the advantages of both private and group tours. Private tour gives our client freedom to decide on the itinerary, which park to go and for how long including the freedom to pick accommodation style you like and choice of travelling dates.  Group tours has huge advantage over price as number of traveller increases.

 This is the average price PPD (Price per Person per Day) based on 2-pax accommodated in either lodge, tented camps, hotel, or public campsite.

Public Camping

from  US $227 PPD

from  US $345 PPD

from  US $420 PPD


from  US $538 PPD


from  US $875 PPD

Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours

from  US $294 – $326 PPD

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