Tanzania Visa

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is offered under two visa categories in Tanzania. For tourism, Glimpse of Tanzania will provide highlights of the important details a traveler requires to know to obtain a visa.

Ordinary Visa (Single Entry)

The visa is granted to all nationals visiting Tanzania for the purpose of visiting, tourism, leisure, holiday, attending conferences, engaging in humanitarian or charitable activities, visiting family, and receiving healthcare treatment.

Note: This visa is available for all nationals visiting for tourism purposes, except for citizens of countries that fall under the Referral Visa category.

Requirement for Ordinary Visa

  • Copy of the applicant’s valid passport (biographic data page);
  • Return ticket of the flight;
  • Dully filled in declaration form
  • 50 USD visa fee.

Multiple Visa

For holidays or tourism, a multiple visa can only be issued to American citizens due to the existing bilateral agreement between Tanzania and America. Note that all USA passport holders are required to apply for multiple visas, even when they come for a single entry.

Requirement for Ordinary Visa

  • A recent passport size photo of the applicant;
  • Copy of the applicant’s valid passport (biographic data page);
  • Return Ticket of the flight;
  • 100 USD Visa fee;

Referral Visa

There is a batch of countries whose nationals cannot obtain VISA on arrival. Such countries fall under the category of referral Visa.

All nationals from these countries are required to apply for Visa online at least 2 month before their travel date. Upon approval, applicants should then have their valid return ticket on arrival.

Visit the Immigration Services link to apply for new visa (https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/start)

Visa Payment after Applying Online

  • By Visa card or By Master card;
  • By Swift transfer (i.e. depositing money directly into bank account at the bank counter)

NB: Transit Visa Holder

Tanzania allows a Transit Visa for a maximum of seven days when travellers passing through Tanzania provide proof of the visa for the destination country or an onward ticket. However, this visa cannot be used for tourism purposes.

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