It is an isle-sovereign region of Tanzania. It is composed of island peninsulas within the Indian Ocean off the main coast of Tanzania mainland. There are two main islands Pemba Island and Unguja Island as well as other smaller islands. The capital city of this Island is Zanzibar City, located at Unguja. It is also in Unguja where there is the historical center, ‘’Stone Town’’ the World Heritage Site.


Unguja Island commonly referred to as “Zanzibar”, is the largest of the two main islands and it is believed to be the heart of the economy of Zanzibar. It provides an abundance of tourists attraction destinations ranging from scuba diving, cultural souvenir workshops, and the most luxurious and pristine beach resorts.


In the northern part of Unguja Island lies Pemba Island. Tourism and other economic growth have not flourished as much; leaving Pemba Island with a distinctly undisturbed natural environment including untouched beaches and a large conservation area containing forests.


Zanzibar’s main Industries are spices and tourism without forgetting the fishing industry. This island is famous for the production of cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. The production of spices makes this beautiful island be referred to as ‘’Spices Island’’. These spices are mostly used daily in Zanzibar cuisines, so you can find them everywhere in the local Markets.

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