Foresight Eco-Lodge

As a guest in our lodge, you can experience wild animals on safari, the bushmen at Lake Eyasi, or the happy children in a school.

You can come to relax, to experience, or to get involved with helping hands in society. Foresight Eco Lodge offers a variety of opportunities for open-minded people.

Driven by the enthusiasm for the country and its people and supported by the vision of its own school for children from difficult backgrounds, this eco-lodge with a social orientation was brought to life.



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Tanzania Safari Cost

Glimpse of Tanzania Safaris believes in the advantages of both private and group tours. Private tour gives our client freedom to decide on the itinerary, which park to go and for how long including the freedom to pick accommodation style you like and choice of travelling dates.  Group tours has huge advantage over price as number of traveller increases.

 This is the average price PPD (Price per Person per Day) based on 2-pax accommodated in either lodge, tented camps, hotel, or public campsite.

Public Camping

from  US $227 PPD

from  US $345 PPD

from  US $420 PPD


from  US $538 PPD


from  US $875 PPD

Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours

from  US $294 – $326 PPD

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